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CubePDF is a very convenient PDF converter that allows you to convert files from any applications, such as Web browsers, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on, whenever you need it. The converter allows you to convert the files as easy as you can print the files; as a matter of fact, you can do it in the same manner as you print files, so the converting process must be extremely straightforward. CubePDF is provided as an Open Source Software (OSS). Try it out now!
CubePDF 3.0.1 has been released (2022-12-01)
CubePDF Documents

Convert any file to PDF

CubePDF is a PDF conversion software in the form of a virtual printer that uses the printing function of Windows. By selecting the CubePDF printer when you press the print button in each application, it will convert the file to PDF instead of printing it on paper. It can also be converted to an image file such as PNG or JPEG.

CubePDF overview

Useful options

CubePDF allows you to easily configure and add various options to your PDF files. It also provides the ability to merge existing PDF files at the beginning or end of the conversion, optimize for web viewing, and grayscale color images, among other useful settings.

Improved safety

CubePDF is a standalone application that does not require a network connection and does not ask for user information to be registered. It also allows you to easily add various security settings to your PDF files, such as setting passwords, prohibiting printing and copying, etc.

For your images

Other than converting your files into PDF, CubePDF also allows you to convert documents into image files in the same manner as you can print your documents. The image formats include (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF).

Open Source Software

CubePDF can be used freely by anyone, regardless of whether they are an individual or a corporation. There are no restrictions on its use, including commercial use. It is also developed as Open Source Software (OSS), so you can get the source code from GitHub.

Over 20 million downloads! The standard of PDF converter

We provide CubePDF for free. Since the release of our software, we have made frequent updates to successfully develop it to a safe and reliable software. It has also been picked up by several of articles.

Supported Environments

Windows under Microsoft support (x86/x64)
.NET Framework 3.5 or later is required (4.7 or later is recommended)

Web services